Lemonpeel Angelfish (Centropyge flavissima)

The Lemonpeel Angelfish is a brilliant yellow with blue highlights around the eyes and behind the operculum. Juveniles exhibit a black dot outlined with blue on both sides.

Natural Ecology:
Juveniles are solitary and quite secretive, but adult specimens are found in pairs or small harems consisting of one male and three females. They inhabit coral rich shallow lagoons and exposed seaward reefs.


Lemonpeel Angelfish are semi-aggressive, and it is best to not keep them with fish from the same genus.

Reef safe with caution. They are prone to nip a large-polyped stony corals and clam mantles.

Proaquatix specimens have been weaned to accept a nutritionally complete pelletized diet. This species of angelfish should also be offered marine algae, Spirulina, and freshly frozen ocean plankton, Mysis shrimp, or brine shrimp.