Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) Fingerlings and Eggs

Fingerlings: After our Pompano are conditioned to spawn, we raise the resulting fry in our hatchery to between 0.5g to 1 g before shipping to our customers. We are able to ship these fingerlings all over the world using either our smaller ornamental Styrofoam boxes or large square meter containers. Minimum order of 5000 fingerlings. Expected availability most of the year.

Eggs: Our high-quality Pompano eggs come from selected broodstock that have been conditioned to spawn in our biosecure warehouse. Because hatching occurs in 24 hours, we are only able to ship the eggs within North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Minimum order of 50,000 eggs. Expected availability most of the year.

History: Our team has been producing and working with several species of marine foodfish since 1999. As employees of Maritech and Dyer Aqua LLC, we produced fingerlings of Black Drum, Red Drum, Spotted Seatrout, Cobia, Pompano and Tripletail. The fish were grown out at farms in Florida, The Bahamas and Panama. When Troutlodge Marine LLC. and Proaquatix LLC. took over in 2009, the focus shifted to providing high quality eggs and fingerlings of Cobia and Pompano. With Cobia customers fading in 2012, the Proaquatix LLC. owners decided to strictly focus on Pompano. Proaquatix LLC. maintains the technology and ability to produce other warm-water marine foodfish should a significant demand surface.