To Market

When an order is received, fish are retrieved from grow-out, individually inspected, and held in dedicated purge tanks for 1-2 days. Fish are not fed during this time to ensure that the water is not fouled during shipment.

In our Packing Station, fish are placed with care into poly bags containing clean shipping water. The bags are then filled with a large volume of pure oxygen and tightly sealed with a special clip. In the next step, the fish bags are arranged in insulated EPS tropical fish shipping containers. These insulated containers are then sealed and placed in cardboard boxes labeled as “Tropical Fish”.

Depending on weather conditions, heat packs or ice packs may be used to maintain the right temperature. The foam container is then placed inside a cardboard box, taped, labeled, and promptly shipped.

We guarantee live arrival plus 24 hours in your care.

Did you know…?

  • We ship not only throughout the U.S., but to international destinations as well.
  • Ocellaris anemonefish are one of the easiest species to ship. We routinely pack 80 – 100 small ocellaris per box!