Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering a steady wholesale supply of captive bred ornamentals through aquaculture. Our research and development approach drives us in a relentless search for solutions in raising an ever-expanding number of cultured marine ornamental fish.

By providing an alternative to wild-caught fish, we are helping to reduce human impact on ocean reef ecosystems, thus supporting reef conservation and the future of marine aquarium keeping.

All of our captive bred fish are hand selected and graded to ensure our customers receive the highest quality fish and the best service. We guarantee our fish are healthy and 100% deformity free.

Proaquatix is a wholesale supplier and does not sell directly to hobbyists. However, if you’re an aquarium hobbyist and would like to get your hands on very high quality captive bred clownfish and other aquacultured marine ornamentals, just let your local fish store know and we can have our fish your way in no time.