Our production process starts with the spawning parents which we call broodstock.

While most of these spawning fish are kept as mated pairs in their own separate tanks, some species are housed in groups, called harems, consisting of several fish.  At Proaquatix, we consider our broodstock to be one of our most valuable assets and we go to great lengths to ensure that these fish are well-fed, healthy, and comfortable.

Each fish has been selected for its exceptional beauty and health. Although most of our original spawning fish were collected from the wild, we are increasingly able to use captive-raised offspring as broodstock. As you might imagine, having our own grow-out facility provides the unique opportunity to hand-pick, for breeding purposes, a few of the most beautiful or unusual specimens from the thousands of fish in production.

Did you know…?

  • Some of our fish spawn almost every day, while others spawn only about one time per month.
  • Most of the mated pairs in our facility produce over 5,000 offspring per year!