banner-biosSeth Pierce

Dir of Sales and Marketing. Seth received a B.A. degree in biology from Rollins with a heavy specialization in marine biology. While bringing his passion for the marine world to Proaquatix, Seth is determined to make every interaction we have with our customers easy, friendly, and efficient. Give him a call today.

banner-biosAngie Podlasek

Sales Associate. Angie received a B.A. degree in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology. Originally from Washington D.C., her hobbies include scuba diving, baking and yoga.

banner-biosEric Wagner

Manager and Distributor Sales. Eric received a B.S. from The University of Maimi and a masters from Auburn University in Aquaculture. He has been with our company and its predecessors since 2001. Currently, Eric oversees all aspects of our growout facillity.

banner-biosFabricio Bueno

Hatchery Manager and Larval Expert. Fabricio received a B.S. from Jacksonville University and a masters from Auburn University in Aquaculture. He has been with our company and its predecessors since 2000. Currently he oversees all aspects of our hatchery

banner-biosDrew Gaskins

Foodfish Program Manager. Drew has a degree in both Marine Science and Aquaculture, as well as many years of experience in not only ornamental breeding, but the aquaculture industry as a whole. He applies his wide range of knowledge and experience to ensure that hatchery runs at peak performance.

banner-biosDavid Burguet

Broodstock Manager. David received a B.S. from Florida Institute of Technology in Marine Biology. Among many other responsibilities, David ensures that our broodstock is up to date and at peak performance.

banner-biosNick VanderSys

Project Manager. Along with organizing the construction of our new warehouse, Nick helps with system construction and design, tends to broodstock and the hatchery, he packs fish like a pro, and he even helps Seth on the road.


Andrew Horner (Big Byrd)

Brood Stock Technician. Andrew received a B.S. from the Florida Institute of Technology. When not taking care of our broodstock, Andrew can be found fishing the surf at the beach or showing off his mad skills at his local pickup basketball spot.

banner-biosJamie Irvin

Grow out Technician. Jamie has a passion for all things aquatic. This passion led Jamie to study aquaculture at Indian River State Community College and eventually to a job here at Proaquatix. Jamie has always worked with the ocean and we are lucky to have him on the team today.

banner-biosChris Withstanley

Algal Biologist. Live algae is an extremely crucial facet of Proaquatix. Chris manages our algae cultures and is responsible for everything from isochrysis to chaetomorpha.